I design digital products for business and startups

I am a freelance UX/UI designer from Argentina, passionate about what I do and eager to help you!

Retrato de Angelo Tignanelli, diseñador UX/UI y Web.
Retrato de Angelo Tignanelli, diseñador UX/UI y Web.


How can I help you grow your business

UX design, so that your product generates a great impact on the market and its users

Through in-depth market and target user research, the data needed to make data-based decisions that positively impact the product will be collected.

UI design, we will work together so that the product transmits and communicates the essence of the brand

We will work on the graphic interface of the product, taking into account the assembly of components, definition of graphic resources, specification of the color palette, photographic resources, among other elements.

Implementation of web pages to bring the design to a 100% functional product

In the transfer of the design to code, the necessary tasks will be carried out for the correct implementation of the web page focused on SEO, which will place it among the first results in google searches.

My Work

My most recent projects

Deposito de una fabrica.


  -  Caso de estudio pronto

Business page with product catalog and distribution map.

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Portada del proyecto Cobrameluego


Payment button for ecommerce that allows you to pay without a card.

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Caballos comiendo en un campo verde.


Business project for Argentine Quarter Horse Breeders.

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Entrada al Museo Guiraldes

Museo Güiraldes

Gaucho and traditional museum in San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires.

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Edificio alto con cielo celeste.


Emprendimiento inmobiliario y de bienes raíces en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

En proceso

Cariño Studio

Web portfolio for graphic design agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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About me

A bit of who I am and what I do

Hi, I'm Angelo Tignanelli, UX / UI designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My degree in Industrial Design and my specialization in User Experience gave me the analytical vision that is needed to fully understand the digital field, and the artistic and conceptual touch that any design should always have.

I worked with big and small business, which gave me the ability to design both simple and complex products. This also increased my experience working with clients, whom I always invite to share any questions or concerns they may have while working with me. I am a true believer that communication is the key to a successful project.

I really enjoy what I do and I constantly learn to keep myself and my clients always on the latest digital trends.

Angelo Tignanelli, diseñador UX/UI y Web.
Retrato de Angelo Tignanelli, diseñador UX/UI y Web.

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